Saturday, 8 February 2014

to Ludhiana

I couldn’t sleep so much but I’m excited to go downstairs to the lobby and meeting my CSC colleagues….we are all there in the small lobby and it is strange but it seems we already know each other…Time to go to the train station: amazing experience! Each of our luggage is brought by a man on his head (mine’s weight is exactly 23 kgs, the maximum allowed) and we have to rush behind that man walking into the crowd not to loose it. The station is crowded and noisy but we manage to safely got on the train.

The first class has wide and comfortable seats where we will be able to take a rest….but unexpectedly we have to share our couch with a very  noisy groups of old classmates and their families going to the marriage of one of them. They sing, play funny games and above all they do not stop eating! They are only heating up for the real ceremony …I cannot imagine what it will be!

At Ludhiana the train stops only 3 minutes and we have to carefully prepare our strategy to get off with all our stuff: thanks to Shruti and her suggestion everything is fine.

We are now tired but we manage to have a very spicy lunch (at least for me). Will I survive?


  1. Hi Ale, very happy to read that you arrived at last!
    I'll follow your stories with pleasure, you're very good at describing how it feels like :-)
    Bye Tizi

  2. Nice to read your first experiences - Indian weddings are something very special and last for DAYS! We had some wedding guests in our hotel in Cochin and the wardrobe was amazing...getting more precious from day to day :-)
    Regards from Elke in Germany